Monday, June 29, 2015


I think GRETCHEN PETERS is one of the most intelligent singer-songwriters of the contemporary music. Her lyrics are filled with irony and can be very disturbing. I can't get out of my head BLACKBIRDS, much more than a Story about domestic violence. Hope You Like it.


Verse 1]
The blackbirds came at dusk and they roosted in the cane
Raised such a ruckus that it shook my windowpane
And I’m covered up in dirt and I stink of kerosene
And no matter what I do I can’t get clean
Last thing I remember was your footsteps in the hall
Whisky in your voice and a shotgun on the wall
Now there’s shadows in the shadows, there’s trouble in the cane
And there’s things you do that you just can’t explain

Uneasy lies the head – unfaithful is the heart
Ungrateful and unlucky and untrue
And no one saw me coming, and no one saw me go
Only the blackbirds and you

[Verse 2]
Come harvest in the cane fields the sky turns black with smoke
So I took our father’s gun and a heavy piece of rope
And I left you lying there like rotten fruit upon the ground
And I lit a torch and I burned the whole thing down


[Verse 3]
Our father was a farmer he planted fields of cane
He planted seeds of evil and we harvested the shame
Oh but I’m the last one standing there’s no one left to tell
And when it’s my time I’ll see you both in hell

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