Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hello. My name is Midas.  

Today begins a new blog in English which will visit all my favorite songs. Last year I wrote another blog called "Exquisiteces" that has had some success in Spanish-speaking areas. Because I am Spanish and it is easier to write in my native language. This is a new challenge for me. I hope that this work is to your liking.

We will start on January 1, 2011


luther blues said...

Here we are making you the endurance in this new adventure dear friend
A hug and good luck

PS: do not think it is English, but use a translator lol

MIDAS said...

Thanks, Luther.

Your translator works perfectly. lol

Thanks for your support and affection. I will never forget that first comment.
Language is not going to be a problem because the contents will be very similar to "Exquisiteces" even the post will be shorter.

mundosub said...

I hope you are lucky in this new blog. I will follow it as "Exquisiteces".

MIDAS said...

Thanks a lot, Mundosub.

I hope you like it as "Exquisiteces", This blog is going to be a great and new experience to me. I am grateful to share with you.

SERGI said...

I hope that your new blog will a common place of meeting, and a place to listen good music too.
Ahí estoy yo con mi inglés de Nou Barris jejejr

MIDAS said...


The music will be the same music than "Exquisiteces". I hope you like it too.

¡Very good! ¡Con dos cojones!


It´s a good idea, I hope it will be a wonderfull blog.

MIDAS said...

I don't know if this blog will be wonderful. I'll Try it. Perhaps The Spanish people learns a little bit less than English. Because you Know perfectly who is Amaral, for example. You don't need my explanations about her -A little short explanations-
English people can use this little reviews to discover our music.

Thanks for your comment and your Support.

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