Friday, May 18, 2012


The best album of 2011 for THE SONGBOOK was "Revelation Road" by SHELBY LYNNE. A wonderful album written and produced by Lynne herself and in which absolutely plays all instruments, including percussion. This is one of her gems: I DON'T NEED A REASON TO CRY. Hope You Like.

Album Version

I Don't Need a Reason to Cry by Shelby Lynne on Grooveshark


 I don't need a reason to cry
About that time again, again midnight
I don't know why it's broke
I guess that's all she wrote
My heart just told me now's the time to frown

The sky didn't offer thunderstorms last night
The sun came out and spring appeared outside
The mailman brought my mail
Surprise to lift my sails
Now I'm wondering how to stay alive

I'm getting used to feeling down and out
I'm supposed to be this sorrow soul somehow
It ain't so bad to be so low
Just a sorrow so and so
Just a hint of gray can shake me down

Maybe I'm just better off alone
Nobody wants to make a cave a home
I got misery to share
With anyone who cares
I even got a tear or two to spare
Oh I don't need a reason to cry
I don't need a reason to cry
No I don't need a reason to cry

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