Tuesday, August 5, 2014


PROMISE is the new single of Unrepentant Geraldines, the last -and excellent- album of TORI AMOS. At this ocasion, Tori sings with her young daughter TASH. It isn't the first time, Tash had been collaborated in Amos Classic album Night Of Hunter (2011) before. Tash has a clear and crystal voice. Hope you like.


[Tori:] Promise not to say

[Tash:] that you told me so
Promise not to say

[Tori:] that I'm getting too old

[Tash:] Promise not to take

[Tori:] never take your phone

[Tash:] I mean take their word

[Tori:] you mean over yours?
what I need to know, will you

[Tash:] Be there

[Tori:] Where the sun shines

[Tash:] I will be there

[Tori:] you are the light

[Tash:] that follows you everywhere

[Tash and Tori:] look for my love

[Tash:] where the sun shines
I will be there

[Tori:] will you

[Tash:] Promise not to judge

[Tori:] to judge who you love
I don't know if I...

[Tash:] Yes, make that Promise

[Tori:] whatever it is

[Tash:] can you hear the truth
if they accuse me

[Tori:] you think I'll doubt you?
what I need to know, will you

[Tash:] be there
when I am all alone

[Tori:] you're not alone

[Tash:] when I am broken down

[Tori:] we all break down

[Tash:] when every door is closed

[Tori:] there is one more

[Tash:] will you look for me?
I will rescue you 

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