Thursday, March 15, 2012


JESUS from his magnificent Blog "FONOCOPIANDO" has given us The LIEBSTER AWARD. We want to thank him for remembering us for this honor.

This Award has a pair of rules:

1. Copy and paste the award in your blog and link the blogger you gave it.
2. Choose your five favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and post comments on their blogs so they know they have received the award.

And Now, The five winners of LIEBSTER AWARD from THE SONGBOOK in alphabetical order are... 

-BEARLY RAMBLING: Because his author have an excellent musical taste and he gave us some previews from artists like Gotye, Rachael Yamagata or Gretchen Peters.
-DU-DUM-DUM: Because Victor Hugo, his author, is a very creative artist. He can talk about music and publish his amazing drawings.
-EL PROFETA ESTUDIANT: Because we like blogs in differents languages and EL PROFETA ESTUDIANT is one of the best blogs published in Catalan. Nahim, his autor writes another version in Castilian too called EL PROFETA ESTUDIANTE. This Award is also extended to Castillian Version.
-ME SUENA QUE LO HE LEÍDO: Because URI is one of the most fun and witty bloggers of the blogosphere. We are expecting you come back.
-WHAT YOU'RE MISSING: Because my friend Victor is a very interesting person with a very eclectic musical taste. His blog is the referent of a person committed to his time.

If you prefer to write your comment in Spanish. Please Click HERE.

Si no os apetece, o no sabéis comentar en Inglés. Podéis hacerlo en castellano pinchando AQUÍ.


Barrie Moore said...

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Jesus said...

Congratulations Midas!!

Víctor said...

I am deeply honoured!

Víctor Hugo Sánchez Salamanca. said...

Thanks for the award and congrats!

MIDAS said...

@ Barrie Moore, Jesus, Victor Hugo, Uri and Nahim.

Thank you all for the inspiration that makes me want to do better every day.

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