Thursday, August 2, 2012


I always will remember SUSANNA HOFFS fondly. I was absolutely in love when I was at the High School. Years have passed but I Haven't lost interest in her music. Recently She have published "Someday" a new album inspired at the sixties and seventeen. Simply wonderful. This is RAINING. Hope You Like.

A fan-made video with the original recording:


It seems like yesterday
I was listening to the rhythm of your heart
It started off the grave you laid

A nest for weeks and days but we were marked
Were you a vision or a waking dream
I close my eyes again but I can’t see

It’s raining on the world ahead
It’s raining ever since you said goodbye

First I stayed at arm’s length
When you were begging me for more
Suddenly it flipped and I became
The strength I burned out your door
You might be otherwise, but I’m sincere
I’ve made it in your eyes, but I’m still here

It’s raining on the world ahead
It’s raining ever since you said that it’s too late

As sure as winter finally turns to sṗring
I love your sweetness lingers here with me

It’s raining hough the skies are blue
Yes it’s raining and I’m missing you

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archer said...

And she is as pretty as always. Time doesn't pass on her. One thing I dislike is that this album has been released pretty soon when it's only been a few months since The Bangles, with her on the line group, published a new one. It's like if she lost any interest on the band and focus herself on her career.

MIDAS said...

I think they are two completely different products. The return of The Bangles album has nothing to do with this other work. Maybe She had to wait more time for the business career of another album was longer. Although I also think this album can benefit the business career of the other that went quite unnoticed. The reviews of "Someday" are pretty good, better than The Bangles last album.

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