Tuesday, March 15, 2011


DAVID FONSECA is one of the most interesting portuguese artist. Singer, songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist, Fonseca has recorded several succesful albums but we have chosen ANGEL SONG, the first music he wrote, composed when he was only 18 and which was included in "Silence 4" (1998) his first album. This song is a fetish for the people who go to Fonseca´s Concerts. He always have to sing it. It is a Precious song.


This is me with another nervous breakdown
My pressure dropped, this body went with it
Memory fails, I'm feeling claustrophobic
I scream my silent pain in this big plain
There's no one here
Tell me who is there now
Who is there with you

I'm taking no calls unless it's her voice
I'm seeing no one unless it's her
I open the mailbox every hour
Maybe I'll hit the postman
I want to hear some love words
But not it that dyslexic voice
No I won't tear apart for you
But I was given no choice

I guess I was trying to keep me alive
But once I was dead there was nothing to do beside
Picking me up and lying me down
Waiting for some angel
To wake me and say to me
"Hello. Don't be scared. I want you to know, you're
not dead."

Kiss me, is this a dream?
Should I believe it?
Please promise to me that I'm not going to get hurt
this time.

Am I too good for you, am I just paranoid?
Should I clinical ou should I speak louder?
Maybe I should close my eyes for years
And wait for the strongest feeling
Out of all of the feelings
to raise

Am I real? Are you real? Is this real? What's real?
Am I real? Are you real? Is this real?

Tell me, what's real?

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