Wednesday, January 26, 2011


AMOS LEE is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His musical style encompasses folk, soul, and jazz. He recorded his first album that owns this song entitled COLORS in 2005. We can recognize Norah Jones' piano on this track. He has recorded three more albums to date. Amos Lee belongs to a generation of new artists that fuse various styles such as Norah Jones, Liz Wright or Madeleine Peyroux.


Yesterday i got lost in the circus,
feeling like such a mess.
And now I'm down,
I'm just hanging on the corner.
I can't help but reminisce.

Cuz when you're gone,
all the colours fade.
When you're gone,
no new years day parade.
You're gone,
colours seem to fade.

Your mama called, she said,
that you're downstairs crying.
Feeling like such a mess.
Ya, i hear ya,
in the back ground balling.
What happened to your sweet summer time dress.

I know we all,
we all got our faults.
We get locked in our vaults,
and we stay..

When you're gone,
all the colours fade.
When you're gone,
no new years day parade.
You're gone,
colours seem to fade,
colours seem to fade.

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SERGI said...

It´s a good song, to a long time I´m searching jazz music to put a post in my blog, but I don´t understand about this type of music.
I like this song

MIDAS said...

There is different kind of Jazz music. Amos Lee does not make a pure jazz. It is a fusion of Jazz, Country, soul and some R & B. If you want to listen a very good album. if you want to hear good jazz vocal album to get started, I recommend THE OTHER SIDE by EVA CASSIDY & CHUCK BROWN -Nor is pure jazz, but it's good to start-

atticus' daughter said...

I have never heard this song, although I think I had read about his singer before (probably in Exquisiteces), you chose a beautiful singer to present it here on Delicatessens. Perfect for a quiet saturday evening :-)

MIDAS said...

we talk about his discography at the beginning of "Exquisiteces". And we are going to talk about him soon, because he has just edited his new album. And it will be a great album. If "colors" likes you, I am going to recomend his first album. It is simply Marvelous.

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