Sunday, April 24, 2011


MECANO was the most successful Spanish group of the eighties. Was composed of two brothers (Nacho and Jose Maria Cano) and a friend (Ana Torroja). The brothers created the songs and spoken by the mouth of Ana.
Mecano had many fans as detractors. But few Spanish groups have sold as many records as them, in addition to conquer other European countries like Italy, France or Germany. I chose ME CUESTA TANTO OLVIDARTE from their 1986 album "Entre el cielo y el suelo" because it is one of the songs that I still enjoy listening. I think it has some effect yet. Hope you like it.


entre el cielo y el suelo hay algo
con tendencia a quedarse calvo
de tanto recordar
y ese algo que soy yo mismo
es un cuadro de bifrontismo
que sólo da una faz

la cara vista es un anuncio de signal
la cara oculta es la resulta
de mi idea genial de echarte
me cuesta tanto olvidarte
me cuenta tanto olvidarte
me cuesta tanto

olvidar quince mil encantos es
mucha sensatez
y no sé si seré sensato
lo que sé es que me cuesta un rato
hacer las cosas sin querer

y aunque fui yo quien decidió
que ya no más
y no me cansé se jurarte
que no habrá segunda parte
me cuesta tanto olvidarte
me cuesta tanto olvidarte
me cuesta tanto...

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luther blues said...

Despite not having the deserved success in my country, I think one way forward and a brave bet, Ana always woke me up an appetite for sex ... (well this last comment I do better in vulgarity lol) with that haircut buahhh
Dear friend Have a nice Easter on this day with beautiful people around you and read to us tonight if all goes well
A hug my friend

PD: My English is still very bad, if not for the google translator would be in trouble

RNT said...

It still has. One of my all time favourites! It's hard to forget, as its own title says.

MIDAS said...


Ana always seemed very masculine. I never woke up any kind of sexual fantasy. Even some of their songs had some lyrics stupid. But they made pop history in Spanish. I believe that few groups have taken its place. Perhaps La oreja de Van Gogh. But with the change of vocalist have fallen a lot and I do not think that is comparable to the success of Mecano.

I still can understand your english. See you later in Spanish.

MIDAS said...


I never was a big fan of Mecano. But I love this song because it is so real. All human beings can identify theirselves with the lyrics. Always happen with songs about breaking.

SERGI said...

It´s a beautiful and sad song, in some times I have listened this song because the meaning of this make me forget the problems

MIDAS said...

I don't forget problems with this song. I remember old and lost lovers.

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