Sunday, January 9, 2011


Antonio Vega's name appears again on this blog. His genius makes him one of the most important musicians of the Spanish pop. Vega is the author of CHICA DE AYER one of the most important songs in the history of Spanish pop. As part of the "Movida Madrileña". He composed this song he recorded with NACHA POP in his debut self-titled album, in 1980 when he was doing military service in Valencia. The song reflects the mental and social changes of the moment, its success is due in part to the historical context in which it was created, and eventually, CHICA DE AYER is the romantic memory of the time lived.


Un día cualquiera no sabes qué hora es,
te acuestas a mi lado sin saber por qué.
Las calles mojadas te han visto crecer
y con tu corazón estás llorando otra vez.
Me asomo a la ventana, eres la chica de ayer
jugando con las flores en mi jardín.
Demasiado tarde para comprender,
chica, vete a tu casa, no podemos jugar.

La luz de la mañana entra en la habitación,
tus cabellos dorados parecen el sol.
Luego por la noche al "Penta" a escuchar
canciones que consiguen que te pueda amar.

Me asomo a la ventana, eres la chica de ayer.
Demasiado tarde para comprender.
Mi cabeza da vueltas persiguiéndote.
Mi cabeza da vueltas…

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atticus' daughter said...

This is probably one of the most beautiful songs of Spanish pop music. When I was 17, I took from "El país" a cd with emblematic Spanish songs from the eighties and I listened to it as much as I could, not only me, but also some of my friends from high school got trapped to it. And one of the best songs in it was this one, I immediately fell in love with it. Some years passed by and I still feel the same.


This is a wonderful song, I´ve got the single buyed in Corte Ingles as it seems to see in the carpet still .
Liric very extrange, sometimes have no sense, another times have all the it magic.? Well, I dunno.

MIDAS said...


Yes, The Lyrics is very strange. But we all can find the sense. Perhaps this is the story of our generation.

MIDAS said...


CHICA DE AYER not only is one of the songs of my life. It Belongs to the collective memory of a generation. My generation. It was beautiful to watch the world go with this song.

SERGI said...

This is one of the better groups that never are played in spain, and Antonio´s one of the best compositors, this song is not my favourite, but they have a lot of good songs
If you want listen good spanish music, do you have to listen this group

MIDAS said...

I think the same. Thanks for the recommendation.

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