Saturday, May 28, 2011


I think we've all survived the eighties remember ALISON MOYET for her role in the duo Yazoo and subsequent solo career. In 2002, She reappeared with a little masterpiece called "Hometime, " an album that confirm to Moyet as one of the great voices of British pop. We have chosen SHOULD I FEEL THAT IT'S OVER one of the most beautiful songs of the album. Hope you like it.


Could you wake me up when it's over
Well maybe I'll sit this out, I think I know the score
You read to me before
Why wrap it up so precisely
I know what you're bringing me, I keep them on the side
With gone and nevermore

Should I feel that it's over, all over
And are you here when I hold you, I wonder

You wanted days to remember
September without the fall, a house without a wall
A given in surprise
I never match you for missing
And you call this kissing , I feel closer to the sky
You never ask me why

Should I feel that it's over, all over
(Dry your eyes, outside vermillion skies eases the lies
Loose the ties that keep you under)
And are you here when I hold you, I wonder
(And I realise, when the sun is in your eyes it's no wonder)

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RNT said...

I really love this singer. Her voice is unique!

MIDAS said...

Alison Moyet is great. The first time I saw ADELE reminded me to Alison. Although Adele has getting more success than Alison in all her career.

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