Wednesday, May 18, 2011


One of my favorite albums of recent history of music is "Year of Meteors" (2005) by LAURA VEIRS. One of the songs more complacent to the public who can not appreciate her art is GALAXIES. I think it's a song That you might like to everybody. Although the universe of this singer-songwriter is far more complex. Hope you like it.


When you sing, when you sing
The stars fill up my eyes
Galaxies pour down my cheeks
Galaxies…they flood the street

When we dance, when we dance
Eels and sea grass float on by
I’m 10,000 leagues beneath the sea
10,000 leagues…beneath the green
10,000 leagues

When we kiss, when we kiss
Bears and boulders vibrate through the air
Gravity is dead you see
No gravity…all I need is beating red
No gravity…

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