Tuesday, May 24, 2011


SHELBY LYNNE is probably the best American songwriter of her generation. Album after album always surprises us with genuine gems. Today we chose ALIBI from her eleventh and final album "Tears, Lies and Alibis" (2010). A beautiful slow song in which Shelby Lynne gets once again make it easy The difficult. Hope you like it.


I know that look in your eyes
I've seen it before
Think I'd be used of it now
But I beg for more
I know you've been staying out late
I hear you when you come in
I pretend to be sleeping
So we don't have to act like friends

My nights are not the only lonely time
Mornings trashed me and the birds
I cry and look out the window
And I just can't wait to hear your alibi

I know I don't know what
But I bet she looks good
She probably has a fancy job
And works in the office like you
I'm sure she doesn't have the time to think about

Who you're married to
Poor girl sure it's hard enough
To concentrate on you

All starch white shirt perfectly clear house
You never noticed it anyhow
But she gets through draggin you by
Looking for shoulders save way to cry
But I'm over here baby
Look in my
cause this is the last time
I listen to your

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