Thursday, January 6, 2011


ISMAEL LO (Ismaël Lô) is a Senegalese mucisian. He is a very versatily artists writing his own music, singing and playing the guitar and the harmonica. His career begings at the eighties. He has released ten albums to date. One of the most popular of his songs is TAJABONE (1990) from his eponimous album. This song was a success in 1990 and trascended the Eurpean charts, starting his international career. Tajabone was featured in Pedro Almodóvar's film All about my mother in 1999.


Mida, tajabone beni tajabone (2x)
Habdu buhu yamba, nyari malaïka

* Rhawe hekiko darum siserum
momu muhu dida neka mukedinga
momu muhu dida neka muhonga (2x)

Tajabone beni tajabone (2x)
Wele (4x)
Abdu nyamba ...wele
Nyari malaïka ...wele
Sika ule yowe ...wele
Dari siserum ... wele
munina ...wele
eka muninga...wele
munina ...wele
eka muhola...wele
ah ah ah ...

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atticus' daughter said...

Everytime I listen to this song I can't help remembering "All about my mother", the film where I discovered it, thank you for remembering it to me, it's so beautiful!! A great song from a great movie. I hope you don't mind if I borrow it for some of my fridays (you know I've got some crisis with this section... :-) )

MIDAS said...

Lot of people discovered Ismael Lo's music, watching Almodovar's film but I knew him before. Because I'Ve always been a great lover of african music, and Ismael Lo is an institution in this area.

This song is perfect for your Friday. I believe that it meets all your rules. Happy to Lend This song!!!

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