Sunday, January 16, 2011


AMÁLIA RODRIGUES (Lisbon, July 23, 1920 (according to birth certificate) - Lisbon, October 6, 1999) was the gratest of Portugal's fado singers of the twentieth century. She is known as "Queen of Fado" being the most famous and influential figure outside the borders of Portugal through her many international activities, including TV and movies. CANÇAO DO MAR was sung by Amália Rodrigues in 1995 in the film "Os amantes do Tejo" (Music & Lirics Frederico de Brito e Ferrer Trindade) under the name of "Solidao" (Loneliness). DULCE PONTES retrieves this song in 1993 for his album "Lagrimas" getting international acclaim. After listening to the great Amália Rodrigues also we will hear Ponte's Version.


Fui bailar no meu batel
Além no mar cruel
E o mar bramindo
Diz que eu fui roubar
A luz sem par
Do teu olhar tão lindo
Vem saber se o mar terá razão
Vem cá ver bailar meu coração
Se eu bailar no meu batel
Não vou ao mar cruel
E nem lhe digo aonde eu fui cantar
Sorrir, bailar, viver, sonhar...contigo


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luther blues said...

Sincerely Midas friend have made me thrill with fado (the blues Lusitano) and Queen's hand, I understand that this music had its variants through the cities that song, there are Lisbon and Coimbra fado
Beautiful Sunday with nostalgia for a
A hug my friend

MIDAS said...

We was in Lisbon two years ago and we could enjoy the magic of "Fado". I Like portuguese music very much, and Amália is really the Queen of the fado. A great institution in Portugal. About the variants of fado, I think it will be like any other kind of folk music. If we talk about spanish music like "Flamenco" exist different "palos" (The name of the different variants).

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