Saturday, January 1, 2011


CLARA MONTES is a Spanish singer whose reputation has grown over time since 1998, her first recording year. She borrowed Antonio Gala's poems for this record and she had the satisfaction of the author who would say that her voice had much to do with her name by being clear and having the nuances of the thickness of a mountain. Antonio Gala is is one of the best living poets Spanish.
I've Chosen a song called A TRABAJOS FORZADOS ME CONDENAN. The musical adaptation of the poetry of Gala was the responsibility of Antonio Vega, another great genious who died in 2009. It is a love song broken and torn.
Clara Montes continues composing her own music, recording albums and giving concerts. Her music is not commercial but can live perfectly in her art.


A trabajos forzados me condena
mi corazón, del que te di la llave.
No quiero yo tormento que se acabe,
y de acero reclamo mi cadena.

No concibe mi alma mayor pena
que libertad sin beso que la trabe,
ni castigo concibe menos grave
que una celda de amor contigo llena.

No creo en más infierno que tu ausencia.
Paraíso sin ti, yo lo rechazo.

Que ningún juez, declare mi inocencia,
porque, en este proceso a largo plazo,
buscaré solamente la sentencia
a cadena perpetua de tu abrazo.

No creo en más infierno que tu ausencia.
Paraíso sin ti, yo lo rechazo.
Que ningún juez, declare mi inocencia.

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mundosub said...

I haven't heard this song in the voice of Clara Montes, but I have the record of Antonio Vega on concert where he sang this song for the first time.

It's a great song with a beautiful message also. A very good choice for your openning. Have a very good year and also a lot of visits on this blog like in your other one.

archer said...

Pues a responderte en inglés.

Good first choice! I just want to add to your post that the music of this song was written by Antonio Vega and he made his own version a few years later. I love that album, specially the low tempos.

MIDAS said...

@ mundosub

I Know Antonio Vega's cover. It's so emotional. He composed The music of this song for Clara Montes. But I prefer it on the voice of Clara because sounds more dramatic.

Thanks for your wishes. About the visits... It's too soon to think about it.

MIDAS said...


Thanks for your comment. I supposed you liked this song because you wrote about Clara in your blog. Great song and Great album. I like clara's Voice and personality.

I think so I wrote to Antonio Vega was the author of music but I didn't say he performed the song several years after. Is so exciting, but I prefer in the voice of Clara Montes.

SERGI said...

I don´t know this song before, but this is precious, the voice of this girl is great, softly but stronger at the same time.
And Antonio was a great genious of the music.
A very good choice for starting the new year

MIDAS said...


Thanks Sergi!

I thought you wouldn't like this song because is not strong enough for you. But I see that I was wrong. I recommend the album. Is Great.

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